Pet Food Banks: Sharing the Thanksgiving Feast

Feast of Plenty

One minute you were enjoying the summer sun, but then you blinked…and suddenly the holidays were upon us! The annual flurry of food, family, friends and festivities will be here before we know it. Many of us will soon be feasting to celebrate harvest bounty and all the other riches of life for which we are remembering to be thankful. One way to be mindful of the good things we enjoy is by sharing them. Donating to local pet food banks is a great way to celebrate and share with some of our favorite people—pets.

Pet Food Banks

Those of us who are warm, safe and well-fed can easily take plentiful food for granted. However, lots of Seattle pets are the loving and loved companion animals of low-income or homeless guardians. These fellow Seattleites have to stretch to feed and house their families, which include their companion animals. Caregivers who are struggling to make ends meet, they may not always be able to provide enough quality nutrition for their animal friends and other family members. Local food banks, some specifically for pets, are helping to bridge the gap.

If you’d like to share your bounty with pets in need this holiday season, consider making a donation of food. The list of pet food banks below offers several options for donating gifts of food.

Seattle Humane Community Pet Programs

Homeward Pet Food Bank

Doney Memorial Pet Clinic

The Doney Clinic

The Doney Memorial Pet Clinic is a volunteer-run clinic that operates out of Union Gospel Mission’s facility in Seattle. In addition to being one of Seattle’s pet food banks, the clinic also provides free veterinary care and partners with the City of Seattle’s spay and neuter program. The Doney Clinic has an extensive list of needed new or “gently used” items which people can donate, in addition to giving gifts of pet food. For your convenience, several local businesses, including the Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company, partner with the Doney Clinic to serve as drop-off locations. For a list of other businesses that are drop-off sites, visit the Doney Clinic’s website here.

Food Drives

Another great way to get involved with pet food banks is to hold a food drive in your neighborhood or office. The Doney Clinic suggests this easy way to volunteer on your own schedule. According to their website, “You can hold a food drive for The Doney Clinic at your school, office or in your neighborhood. Gather with your scout troop, sports team, knitting circle, van pool or any of your friends or people in your community to collect items for The Doney Clinic food bank. Get together for a great cause! Any amount of donations, big or small, are accepted and appreciated.” Rally the troops and multiply your impact this Thanksgiving!

Other Places to Give

In addition to the pet food banks above, most of Seattle’s many regular food banks also take donations of pet food. You can give pet food donations to the Ballard Food Bank, the U-District Food Bank and others for “one-stop dropping” of your holiday food donations, and most food donation bins at grocery stores and other businesses in town will also take pet food donations.

Plenty for All

Has your cat has suddenly refused to eat last week’s favorite flavor? Maybe you just learned your dog is allergic to her current food and don’t know what to do with all those treats in your pantry. Or you may simply want to pitch in and help spread the harvest bounty to a pet who could use a hand. After all, who is happier than a pet with a full belly? Pet food banks are an abundant and easy way to help make sure holiday happiness abounds and everyone in Seattle has a satisfying and nutritious Thanksgiving feast. PugetPets wishes full bellies and warm naps to all this holiday season!