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Owner: Jason Goodwin, DVM & Tory Gannon, LVT

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Pet Care Staff

Our staff is knowledgeable, personally dedicated to the individual needs of your pet and willing to go above and beyond to provide the best service. Our selection process is rigorous. Candidates respond to initial interview questions for our open dog walking jobs. The most promising are invited for a two-hour, in-person interview. This session covers topics that include home security, elder pet care, puppy and kitten care, medication administration, customer service and pet first aid.

Top candidates are invited for an “Assessment Day”, where we observe the candidate care for our “assessment pets” – wonderful animals with very challenging behaviors. The few candidates who meet our standards are, as a final step, thoroughly background checked by a professional investigative firm. Once on staff, PugetPets’ owner Tory spends time on walks and visits with them, helping them get comfortable with their dog walk clients and routines.

Kristi K.

Kristi K. Kristi is one of our pet sitting specialists. During the day she works in an office environment, but she spends many nights doing overnight stays for our clients’ dogs. She is very reliable and organized, and thoroughly enjoys her pet sitting duties.

Jey P.

Jey is an enthusiastic addition to the Puget Pets staff. She has always had her own pets; she enjoys working with dogs and cats and being outdoors. Jey is certified in dog training, and works at that as well as her time with PugetPets. She loves to tackle the furry kids with issues or behavior problems, and working with new puppies.

Bob F.

Retired from his position as Seattle transportation planner, Bob stays active walking the streets of his hometown as a part-time dog walker for PugetPets. He has raised and trained Shelties for over 20 years. An advocate for animal welfare, he has also been involved with animal rescue for more than 10 years.


Prior to joining PugetPets, BJ worked for 6 years at Interbay Animal Hospital, in charge of the boarding animals. She cared for post-surgical as well as boarded pets, administering meds, feeding and exercising them. BJ has a commanding yet calm manner and is often one of PugetPets go to staff when we have a dog with anxiety or behavioral issues.

Ky Powers

Ky is a real go-getter, he has a lot of positive energy. He had experience with dog walking and pet sitting before moving to Seattle and joining PugetPets and has fit in well with our clientele.

Leticia R.

Leti is an experienced dog walker and pet sitter. Leti’s dad is a canine police officer , so Leti grew up with trained and in-training police dogs. She has a passion for all animals and a very gentle touch. She is one of our most requested dog sitters for overnights.

Eileen H.

Eileen is a Seattle native, and as she puts it, loves to walk and has never minded the rain! She has always had her own animals, and has been the care person for several family members’ pets. She is also a Foster parent, a natural caretaker. She enjoys doing dog walks while the kids are in school.

Katy W.

Katy moved here from Maine where she was a professional dog walker and also worked at a dog boarding facility. She is very thorough and works hard, and she loves her PugetPets’ dogs. She also does cat visits for us, and she enjoys doing several overnight services each month. She is highly requested as a sitter.

Kinzie S.

Kinzie helps PugetPets out as a substitute walker and cat sitter. She has her own clients, and her own dogs. She recently had a special needs dog.

Lilly P.

Lilly worked for the Humane Society and managed a boarding facility in another city. She has come on to PugetPets staff in a semi-management position. She has her regular dog walk clients, and also helps with client meetings and other administrative tasks, and helps owner Kelly with daily management.

Lucas O.

Lucas grew up with dogs and has a real knack for making friends with the pups. We call him the Dog Whisperer, because he won over Cagney on his first meeting with her. Cagney takes a very long time to warm to new people, but immediately greeted Lucas with a tail wag and a lick! Lucas is our specialty dog walker for a high-end building where he does walks for several clients.

Lowen G.

Lowen is one of our staff who does a lot of overnight sitting services for PugetPets. She is caring and thorough in her care for the pets and her care for the owner’s homes.

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