Does your dog shoplift?

Our client, Millie, tells us her dog does! That’s right. Anytime Millie and her pup–we’ll call him “Fido” to protect his identity–go into a store like MudBay, All The Best or PetCo, Fido lurks around the open treat bin, looks to make sure no one is watching, snatches a treat into his mouth, and chews it down only once he and Millie are out of the store! Millie caught him red handed (red mouthed?) at this, and of course offered to pay for his ill-gotten booty. Since then, she keeps a careful watch. She’s realized she has a “career criminal” on her hands!

Here he is: “Fido” the doggie shoplifter: face obscured to protect his true identity!

"Fido" the shoplifting dog!